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    Nov 3, 2016
    So, I am coming here to find out if what I want even exists before I try to find it.
    My coop is powered by electric off my main house. I currently have a outdoor heavy duty extension cord run the 150ft to the coop.

    I have a water tank heater that needs to run 24/7 now til spring.
    I have a coop light that needs to run on a timer and a heat light that should run on the timer as well.

    The issue is that I plug into a grounded female that is built into the coop. That powers my entire coop, except for the Autodoor that is run on solar.

    The power goes into the coop and powers a 2 gang outlet with a switch. The water heater is plugged into one of the outlets and the heat lamp into the other. The switch powers the daylight lamp.

    Is it possible to have a timer that can work the switch for the daylight lamp? And a timer that will work the night heat lamp? But the water heater needs to stay on.

    I know, I think im asking too much.
    But is there any scenario where I am not running a second extension cord out there?
    Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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    Just curious, why do you need a heat lamp? Unless it get really cold (like below 0F (-18C) your chickens are well able to keep themselves warm enough on their own. They are wearing down coats, after all, and they usually cuddle up next to each other at nights anyway. having a heated coop can actually interfere with their normal weather tolerance and make it harder on them.

    As for your Qs, Why not use a 3-way splitter cord? You could then use a seperate timer for each of the items you want timed and the water heater plugged in straight so it stays on. Appliance timers are cheap, and having separate ones means you can set each to turn on and off whenever that item is needed. When I had my chicks in their brooder (in the garage) their MHP was plugged in directly and stayed on, the LED light was on a timer set to turn on and off more or less in sync with the day night cycle at the time. Obviously make sure the chickens cant get to the timers.

    I am assuming there is a ground fault breaker between the cord and the socket it's plugged into?
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    Dec 15, 2014
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    Agrees you don't need a heat lamp....but.....
    I use a power strip to make one outlet into several.
    One has timer for light when I use winter laying lighting, timer has an over ride if I need it to do chores when not using winter laying lighting.
    Another has water heater plugged into a thermocube so heater only runs when it dips below 35F.

    You can see it on this page...
    ...shows killwatt>thermocube with indicator night light for heater...and timer for winter laying light.
  5. DZI Ranch

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    Nov 3, 2016
    A heat lamp is imperative. It is not unusual to have several weeks with temps of -40 or so. I have never left my Ladies to fend for themselves and Im not about to start. I also rely on decent winter laying to feed my family.
    I don't use the heat lamp until it gets below 0.

    I was not aware that a splitter cord existed, so AWESOME for that bit of information.
    And yes, i have a GFI Breaker between the cord and plug and it is plugged into a GFI outlet.. i don't take chances with open to elements electrical.

    Thank you all for such great replies. You have been most helpful as I knew you would!

    Laura, aka CherokeeGoddess
    DZI Ranch

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