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    I woke up this morning and found this on the news. This officer works in the area I live in and adjoining to the City where I was an Officer for 28 years before retiring. Most likely I know him and am praying for him & his family and the DUI prisoner he was transporting after this horrific accident. The pictures of the vehicle are frightening.

    Officer & Prisoner Injured


    The officer's name is Matthew Groff he is 24 years old and has only been an officer for 1 year. He is in critical condition in the ICU. He is in a medically induced coma with his most serious injuries being a fractured skull, brain swelling and lung injuries. Each day is a step toward his survival and recovery.

    The 22 year old DUI suspect he was transporting is now in satisfactory condition and expected to make a full recovery. His most serious injury was a fractured pelvis. Truly amazing considering the severity of the crash.

    At 1500 hours yesterday hospital staff removed Matt's breathing tube. After this he was able to talk(whisper) and communicate. He was shaking hands(as best he could) and recognized people as they came into the room. His cervical collar has been removed and he is doing much better than anyone expected at this point. His family thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

    Here is the latest update which is copied from an email from one of his fellow officers...

    I went to see Matt this morning (4/22) at York Hospital. Matt was asleep, and I was told it was because he met and exceeded expectations last night doing physical therapy. I had a chance to talk to his parents, who related that they continue to be touched by the support shown by fellow officers. Matt is doing extraordinarily well, and has surpassed any expectation the doctors had for him. Last night he was up and walking, and, obviously, did physical therapy. The doctors are currently planning to take his central line out so that he has fewer wires and tubes attached for therapy purposes. It was reported that the only reason he hasn't been transferred to the transitional ICU from the trauma ICU is because there aren't enough beds.

    Having been through PT and DT with Matt, I know that he will be on his way back to patrol in no time. He has always shown great strength and endurance in everything that he does, and this will be no different.

    Please continue to keep Matt and his family in your prayers.

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    Unimaginable. What a tragedy.
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    Prayers said. We just lost one of our deputies a couple of weeks ago, shot and killed in the line of duty. I have tremendous respect for the men and women who keep us safe.

    May God be with him his family and friends, and the community.
  4. [​IMG] I feel sooo sorry for his family [​IMG]
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    I have goose bumps after reading that - How absolutely awful. Prayers said. [​IMG]
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    Thats horrible! You cant even tell that was a car! I hope theyre both going to be ok! [​IMG]
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    Every day that my husband goes to work to protect and serve I tell him to come home safe. An accident like this is one of my worst nightmares. My thoughts are with this family.
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    Sending healing thoughts to family and friends.
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    Oh Gosh! Hard to imagine anything coming out of that car alive. [​IMG]


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