Prayers needed in the worst sort of way. Another Update....09/02


Poultry Princess
11 Years
Jul 16, 2008
North-West Georgia
You are all just so very kind and supportive. I can't thank you enough for the thoughts and prayers!

I will go for tests the first of next week. I promise to keep you all posted.


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Coastal NC
Robin, I too will share your prayer request with a few others who I know will pray the prayer of faith.

I faced this myself 23 years ago and I was miraculously healed. Many before me have shared great love, encouragement, and advice to you. I just share this...

DO NOT allow your mind to run down the road ahead of you in fear. DO NOT allow your mind to picture yourself months from now, sick and dying, and leaving others behind. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!

I have walked in that valley, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the fear of it all. Try really hard to pull yourself back and focus on where you are now. Now you don't know anything for certain. It's impossible to deal with something that you don't really know what it is or what can be done about it. Just one day at a time. Tonight and tomorrow, you are just waiting to go for tests. Then you wait for results. And you go on from there day by day.

There is hope so please don't give up.

Blessings and Hugs,

PS: I am sending you a PM

Whispering Winds

11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
did a doctor tell you that, or do you just believe that because you have had so many family members with it? My mom died of pancreatic cancer, which means I have a 5% increase in the chances of getting it . . .I know there are some eye cancers that are genetic, but didn't think just because someone died of say, lung cancer, you are predisposed to it . . . but I don't keep up on it either because if you listent to so much of this stuff, it just adds more worry.


11 Years
Mar 28, 2009
Mid TN
Pumpkinpup, we hate to see you going through this.
We have a family member going into the last stages of cancer as we write and their is nothing else the doctors can do. He has had a very rough time the last few days and it's on our heart continually, so we are in constant prayer.
It will be easy to remember you and to lift you up, so know that you are in our prayers as well.

On a positive note, my dad had cancer in the mid 80's and beat it.
My grandmother had cancer before that and beat it. Much has improved since those days.

A most important note for you right now is a quote, I think from Charles Swindoll.

"The "lense of uncertainty" magnifies fear".

At this point you only have "uncertainty", not cancer.
Try not to fear. Fear will not change anything for the better, but prayer can. We're here for you.


12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
Sevier county, Tn.
Robin. I am so sorry to hear of this
but you will be in my prayers.and prayers
will be coming your way from our prayer group.
many blessings to you.


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Carleton Mi.
I will say a prayer for you and your husband. Hopefully the test will come back and everything will be ok. I went through this early during my pregnancy with my last son. I couldn't help but worry and some of the testing had to wait till after he was born due to possibly losing the baby. That was a long wait. But all turned out well. I had some wonderful Dr.s and midwives who eased my fears. Not to mention a wonderful husband.


10 Years
May 5, 2009
Adair Co.Ky
Pumpkinpup, my thoughts and prayers are with you and I have been there..two scares with Breast cancer..lumps that were removed and not husband was just like yours the first time..all out of fear..I talked with my pastor between times who the second time was kinda there more for my husband and it went better..hang in there and know that we are all praying for you and hubby!!!!

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