Predator Attack on 05/12 at 2:30 - She was fine - Now she's sickly :(


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May 17, 2012
Ellie, our black Australorp, was attacked last weekend. She had superficial wounds to her wing and was missing some feathers. We doctored her up (antiseptic spray) and she seemed fine. Her eating/drinking habits were the same and she
was active. Her wounds looked better a few days in and she was getting some feathers back.
Last night she was up on her roost/trough and wouldn't move. I had my kids move her off and she wouldn't walk. She did, however, fly back up to where she'd been. We tried to bribe her down with treats but she wouldn't budge. My son moved her down to the treat and she ate a bit before flying back to her spot. Today my boyfriend describes her as "lethargic" and she's not too responsive. He tried to put her in an isolated area (dark, warm, food, water, contained) and she got away from him and ran off.
We're going to try apple cider vinegar in her water and some electrolytes. Any other suggestions? Our FOUR kiddos (5,9,12,13) have been instructed to not chase or bother her at all.
We're new to this. We've only had our girls for a month or so. I don't want her to die but I'm afraid she's hurting. Taking her to a bird vet isn't in the budget...
I'm definitely not an expert here, but thought I'd offer my 2 cents. I'd put neosporin (original, not the kind with pain killer) on the wound daily to try to fight off any infection and help it heal. I've heard you are not supposed to use anything with ingredients ending in 'caine' on the wound. If it looks infected, you might want to clean it with a saline/iodine mix some more. It's possible that the wound went deeper than it appears... I'm not sure how to handle that situation.

Could she be depressed? My chicken appeared to stop eating after a few days of being attacked by a raccoon. I put her in a fenced area near the other chickens and placed food where they all could reach it. She started eating again when she saw the others get excited about it.
We've isolated her today. We checked her wing and found that she's losing her chest feathers.
Man, I'm worried!

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