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    Now that is has warmed up again many will want to leave the chickens out, but are worried about fox, coon and the like. If I hadn't been for my gray haired disease, I would have mentioned what I use for these small critters. Most prople have small runs, so this won't break the bank account. Go to your local hardware store and get a few of the motion detector lights. When you put them up only use one light bulb, in the other side place a plug that can be run to a radio or tape player, which I use. Mine has dogs barking, people yelling, music and every third one has a whisler. This I got from a
    flea market. If you want noise, this will give it to you. It wakes my closest neighbor every time it goes off and they live almost a half mile away. And every dog within two miles is up. I have about five acres fenced for my chickens, right in the woods. So, it was pricey for me, but worth every penny. Not much I can do about the hawks and eagles, birdnetting is out of the question, so when a hawk comes around they need to find a brush or cover of some kind. These will run about $25. each, while some run on solar power, I don't trust the weather

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