Predator took a hen in daylight

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Mar 7, 2016
Had a sad event yesterday. While I was out in the yard, I let the chickens out to roam. I heard the rooster make a rukus and I found one hen missing. I have 22 hens and one rooster. Took me a while but I found the missing hen, she was dragged out into the brush. Not totally consumed. Would this most likely be a fox? I have trapped several raccoons but this was a daylight attack. Any suggestions?
Hawk, fox, or some other canine. Bobcat if they live near you. Lock everyone in for at least a week, or two, or more birds will disappear! Hawks come every few days, usually not daily, and will usually move on if there's nothing available. Good luck! Mary
It could be most anything. I had a raccoon go into my coop and kill a hen in the middle of the day a few years ago. She was a mama and feeding 4 babies. Raccoons, fox, skunk, mink, and any other predator you can think of tend to be primarily nocturnal but will at times come out in the middle of the day. I think this is more common when they have young ones to feed. The only way to keep your chickens safe is to never let them free range. Even in a pen, they can get taken. This being said, I take the chance and free range my birds. I think it makes for a much happier flock.
We occasionally see, in the daytime,  predators who are usually nocturnal. There is always a risk. I have lost a free range bird in the daytime. But I also have seen chickens killed by dogs who tore thru the wooden door of a supposedly 'secure' coop, and another friend also believed her coop was secure, but it was torn open by her own dog. I agree with previous post that hens are happier free range. Happier, cleaner, and lay healthier eggs.
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Thank you, I have heard there have been Bobcat sightings in the county. I plan to increase security measures.
Thank you for your comments. I agree, the hens are much happier if they can roam during the day. I plan to lock them up for about a week, setting out live traps and then try again.
Thank you for your suggestion. I will try locking them up for about a week, set some live traps and then try again.

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