Pregnant Pot Belly Pig Advice Anyone?


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5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
We are more than sure that Petunia is pregnant. Her backend has been swollen for over a week. We made her a farrowing place and got the heat lamp going. She loves laying under it right now. When I squeeze on a teat, I can get a bead of milk/chlostrum but I don't want to mess with it much as that's babies' milk. She didn't eat supper last night and didn't eat breakfast this morning. She has a nest of hay made and has been laying in it for 3 days barely getting up but once or twice to potty.

I've not been through this before - is this all normal for her not to eat? She doesn't seem to be in any distress or act sick in any way.
Unfortunately she had a "false pregnancy". She even went through the labored breathing. It was disappointing for her and us both but she's a very healthy girl and I know she will be a mommy someday.

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