Premature Hatchling


Jul 17, 2016
Hello all. I joined the group today to ask for some help with a chick I found today? I think it was forced into an early hatching by its mother. It's at least 20 day old and probably a bit older. I found it in the coop with its shell broken open probably because the mother has been kicking the rest of her eggs around. When I found it, it was peeping and its little wing flapping which got my attention. I couldn't leave it in the coop because the hen has given up caring for any more eggs. I have it in a makeshift incubator with a few more eggs that are about the same age with a heating pad and lamp. It's hanging around 100 degrees right now. So far it seems to be breathing steady, peeps every now and then a wiggles. It's rear end and legs are still half in the shell that was left over. I need to know what I can do to give it the best chance. I saw someone else mentioned placing a wet paper towel on there for a while. Any advice is appreciated.


6 Years
Jul 19, 2015
North Central Florida
If it's at least 20 days then it doesn't sound like its premature. I'm not sure why she kicked the eggs about but it should hatch fine as long as the membrane didn't dry and stick to it from the exposure. How is it doing?

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