April and Andy

May 13, 2020
Hello everyone,
Devestating news. This last week, my two babies April and Andy were attacked by an eagle while I was changing their hay in their hutch. I am absolutley devestated and reeling from this loss. My partner and I have talked it over, and we are just duck owners at heart. So, next spring we will be getting new ducklings. That being said, this next year will be dedicated to building a bigger, better, and SAFER home for our upcoming ducks. A big component we would like to look at as well is one that they can be left in while we are out of town. Previously when we went on a trip, we would have someone come stay at our house because their enclosure type required they be let out and put in every morning and night. So, what I am asking is to see / hear about everyones "set up" for ideas on what to do for our next set up.

Kind words only, please. My heart has been completley shattered and honestly this project seems to be the only thing that is helping me see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks


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Feb 14, 2016
How big is your run? And how did you predator proof it? Thanks for your reply :highfive:
It is 20’ by 20’. I predator proofed with hardware cloth. I put hardware cloth on all the sides and the floor just like my chicken run. They are able to roam in another area of the yard that isn’t predator proof but only when I am with them.


Sep 19, 2020
I also have some duck houses that are connected to a run that is completely covered in hardwire cloth. I would also bury some hardwire cloth along the fenceline for diggers. Havent had anything get in so far and my ducks always have the choice to be in the coop or in that run. I dont close them up at night in their coops. (But be prepared for that area to become dirt! So I got another extra large grassy run thats not predator proof that they can go in only if i am home.) My protected run is about 16x12ft. But you will want minimum 15 square feet per duck for your run.
So sorry for your loss


Free Ranging
Oct 16, 2020
Northern California
So sorry to hear about your loss. If they are going to free range at any time, providing plants or some structure they can seek protection under can help. A dog can help deter predators, but the wrong dog can also be the predator. Also more ducks can help protect each other. When one notices something, they alert the others. More eyes are more likely to see a predator. But that may not be possible for you depending on your space.

Otherwise the covered run and predator proof coop like everyone else has mentioned are the best options.

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