Pretend egg layer????


May 2, 2019
Northern New Jersey
I have a total of 10 chickens. 6 silkies, yes still waiting on sexing. 2 comets and 2 eatser eggers. My comets started laying at 17 weeks. My Easter eggers are about 20 weeks now. Yesterday and today my black easter egger layed in one of the nesting boxes that is frequently used by the comets to lay, all up in the corner butt in the air, screaming the egg laying song like she just laid the most giant golden egg ever. And she did this for about an hour. Then, she left the box when one of the comets rushed her out to lay her egg and she sang this song for over an hour while she free ranged around my yard. I was so excited to get my first Easter egger egg. However she lied to me and there was no egg in there. This is the second day she has done this with no egg. She is acting fine and I highly doubt she is egg bound. She is just flat out lying to me anyone have 3xperience with this?
Keep an eye on her. Give her calcium supplement or a hard boiled egg, shell & all. She's a bit on the young side to be laying, but if she's singing she obviously thinks she's laying... and she might be... INTERNALLY. If this persists for another couple of weeks, or if she starts having dirty butt feathers, I'd put her on antibiotics, just in case she is actually laying internally. Egg yolk peritonitis is a deadly killer of hens and pullets alike. I will keep your feathered family in my prayers.
I’ve observed many pullets do this right before they start to lay. Although, yours sounds like she took it to the extreme. What I typically notice is the pullets will act nervous, they’ll get on and off the nest, they’ll do the egg laying song. Sometimes they do this for a few days before they lay their first egg. Some pullets will continue this activity well after they start laying. Then you have the other birds that will go the the nest box, drop an egg, then go on about their business like nothing happened. :idunno

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