Pretty new to chickens.. Hen not well:(

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  1. Meegs

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    Sep 13, 2010
    Our Barred Rock gal started laying down a whole lot a couple of days ago. Her comb got floppy and just today seemed to start losing it's coloration. She doesn't seem to be moving to take a poo, so while it's not stopped up, her tooshie is quite messy. She usually likes to run around while we're in the coop, but we can pet her and she doesn't do a thing other than cluck lightly. We can pick her up and she barely does a thing--She usually HATES being picked up. She can still walk, but she'll go back to wherever she was lying and lay back down (unless it was higher up--She seems like she doesnt feel well enough to get back up, but eventually manages to).
    We have some new chickens and turkeys in with them, but they are not sick at all. I checked for mites, their combs look good, no discharge, etc. so I'm not sure if them being there has anything to do with it?
    Either way, I would just really like to know what's wrong with her? [​IMG]
    She hasn't laid since the new girls moved in (about a week and a half) so I don't think she can be "broody" without any eggs or recent laying activity? She kind of keeps her bum tucked.. I think she was the girl laying double-yolkers before.. We have chick feed and layena out, and her crop was full when I checked it tonight.. I have some antibiotic enzymes to give her--Any other ideas? [​IMG] Thanks SO much..
    Oh, she's probably 7-8 months old now..
  2. ChickieBooBoo

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    Dec 2, 2009
    could she be egg-bound? I have never had this before so someone else please clarify.

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