Preval sprayer and extra cartridge


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Sep 25, 2007
Folks, I thought I'd lost my Preval sprayer, so I ordered a new one with an extra the time it arrived, I'd found my original so I no longer need this. The cost of the sprayer and cartridge is $13.07, and shipping was about $8, for a total of $21.07. I'd like $15 (which will include shipping) for both the unit & extra cartridge.

This sprayer converts liquid into a mist - I purchased mine when I had a hen with an upper respiratory fungal infection so I could spray Oxine solution directly into her face and she'd inhale it. Most hand sprayers do not make a mist as fine as this sprayer.

If you want it, post "sold" and PM me for details on payment/shipping.

Here's a link to the sprayer:

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