Prisoners of Pozemius - A Fantasy RP

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    [​IMG] (Skip this story for a quick summary (I recommend you read this story too, though))

    "Do you know if we've arrived yet?"
    "Look at your map, you imbecile. I'm not your father."

    A group of travelers trudged through a damp and dark forest, all holding maps and lanterns. The man in the front, who was the leader, also had a golden, fancy compass and looked at it intently. And a small silver rectangle on his chest which appeared to be a glistening name tag carried the name "William Elliott."
    "Okay, fine, I'll answer your idiotic question. We are almost there, yes. But don't ask again, pay attention next time." He said in a gruff tone of voice.

    Everyone stayed silent, in fear that they would disturb the leader again and he'd yell at them.

    After a few more silent minutes of walking, the travelers came upon a pathway, as if somebody had been here before.

    "What in the world is this??" William asked, puzzled and angry at the same time. "Has somebody been here before us? That can't be!"

    "Are you saying that you dragged us all out here, to take us to a place that people have already seen before? Unbelievable!" One of the women complained, lowering her lantern.

    "Ah, shut it, Lucille. I know what I'm doing, better at this than you all. I'm a professional, don't say such nonsense." He grumbled and examined the dirt pathway closely.
    "Sure sound like a professional..." One of the men muttered and sniggered. William elbowed him in the face.

    They all looked forward, wondering if people had been here before, and, possibly, if they were still here.
    "Alrighty then, let's get movin'! Everyone, let's just follow the pathway and see if anybody is here." William said and started walking, the others behind him following.

    "Hey! Which one of you dim-wits is standing all the way over there?" William asked loudly, seeing a glowing light which he could only assume was a lantern far ahead of them all.

    "Sir, I don't believe that's anyone in our group. I swear that if anybody had wandered over there, we would've noticed." One of the travelers piped up, crossing his arms. "You could be yelling to one of the people who came 'ere first!"

    "Shut your trap, John." He replied and sighed angrily. "'Ey! Whoever you are, get over here! We're exploring, nobody's supposed to be here!"

    The white, shining light drew nearer and nearer, close enough to where everybody was pretty sure it wasn't a traveler. Or a human.

    "Who're you?" William asked sternly, and backed away a little.

    A tall figure, not truly identifiable as a man or woman, stood in front of them. They had grey misty sockets, no eyes, and their long white glittering hair nearly reached the ground.
    It was draped in a clear, silvery cloak, and through it you could see all of its bones, its shining ribs expanding as it breathed.

    And to top it all off, it was wearing a golden and white mask over its face, only its empty eye sockets and mouth visible. The creature seemed to be moaning as if it was hurt, but other than that it made no noise as it hovered over the soil.

    Everyone stood still for a few moments, completely shocked.
    "Shoot it!" William finally shouted, and the travelers raised their guns, firing them at the odd creature. The creature let out a blood curdling screech in anger, and dived at them all.

    Many hours later, the travelers were lying on the ground. William groaned and sat up slowly, looking around. It was as if they were in a massive tree trunk, and there was a large board blocking the place where the hole in a rotted out tree trunk would be.

    William checked to see if he had his gun, or his lantern, or his map, anything that could possibly help them. But there was nothing, somebody had taken it all. So he waited impatiently for the others to wake up, wondering what could be outside this prison.

    After half an hour later, William lost his patience. He kicked one of the travelers in the face,
    "Wake up, dim-wit!" He shouted, though halfway kept his voice down just in case somebody was outside this place.

    "Ugh...What the heck, why-"
    "I'll tell ya why! We're stuck in some weird tree trunk thing, that's why! Get off your behind and wake the others up, you lazy donkey." William snarled and he got up, shaking the others awake as William examined their prison.

    Once everyone was awake, William turned to them.
    "Does anybody know what's going on here??" He demanded, and everyone remained silent.

    "If we DID know why we were trapped in a tree trunk, why would we be knocked out?" One of the women demanded, very annoyed.
    "Shut up, Lucille." William said gruffly.

    "Well, I'm going to break us out of here, then. Look at this wood! Who would think they could contain us-Ow!!"
    William winced as he kicked the board of wood. It crumbled, and revealed a metal gate covered in sharp spikes that was hidden behind it. William cursed, but everyone crowded the entrance in an attempt to get a peek outside their tree prison.

    "Whoa..." One of them muttered. "Sir, look at this!"

    William looked out of the gate, careful not to touch the spikes, and his eyes widened at what he saw. This was the most extravagant place he had ever seen, it was vibrant with earthly colors and...Weird...Glowing white things...

    "Hey! Those are the things that knocked us out!" William said angrily. "I'll kill 'em!"

    One of the 'things that knocked us out' turned to the prisoners and glided towards them, looking graceful and terrifying at the same time. Everyone stepped back as it grabbed the bars of the gate.

    "S-stay away, you weird thing!" William said half-heartedly, looking as if the creature had a sickness that made him purely revolting.

    "You judge the creature of purity...?" The creature asked quietly, not sounding angry at all, just questioning.

    "Purity?! You're telling me that you are a pure creature?! I ain't believing any of that, if you're the face of purity then I must be the face of kindness!" William said and scoffed.

    "You seem to boast of your negative traits, my friend. Come, prisoner, you may explore are world of light and all that is pure and-"

    "I refuse!"

    The creature blinked slowly, despite its lack of eyes.
    "You...Prisoner of Pozemius-"
    "Poze-what? You are insane."
    "Pozemius is our land, our home. It cannot be tarnished by anything but the darkness within us. You, prisoner, are tarnished, like many creatures of your world. You have a monster that follows you...Live here, and it shall be gone, you shall become one of us."

    "Sorry, but I think I want to keep my looks-"
    "Your soul is ugly." The creature stated.
    "Gosh, that's a way to bring someone down." William muttered.

    "What monster follows us? I want to see it." Lucille, the woman William constantly tells to shut up, said nervously.
    "Shut up, Lucille." William said, but the creature raised his hand to let William know he should silence himself.

    "No, William, the girl is correct in her curiosity."
    "How do you know my name? And how can you be correct in curiosity?" (This question was ignored)

    "Here is the monster that wants to bring darkness into your life..." The creature said, and a monster appeared next to it. It looked a lot like the shiny white creature, but much worse.

    It was black, and had long arms that dragged lazily on the ground, and was merely a skeleton except for its face. Its face resembled the white creature, but had sharp teeth filling its mouth. The creature was covered in scars, and twitched unnervingly.

    "This is the dark version of us. We are Nocnitsae, the purest thing on this earth. The dark ones are also Nocnitsae, they just haven't turned yet. Everyone's creature is different, but one thing is the same, it can be killed and turn into one of us with water, for it cleanses them of dirt."

    Everyone stared blankly at the creature, who they were just now noticing had mouths also full of razor sharp teeth on its hands. Suddenly, the creature disappeared and the nocnitsa looked at them all.

    "Come out. And join Pozemius." The nocnitsa slowly opened the gate for them to leave, and everyone slowly walked out, William behind them all for once.

    "And while you are free to go where you please, I would recommend you avoid leaving our land. Because the darkness is right outside our perimeter, unfortunately."
    The nocnitsa then left to join its others, and the travelers stared at everything around them. So glorious, yet utterly horrific.

    (Summary: There was a large group of travelers that found a pathway in a supposedly unknown area. A creature of purity, called a nocnitsa, captured them and brought them to Pozemius as prisoners. They discovered that there were good and bad nocnitsae, and that the evil ones follow them as shadows. Every Nocnitsa is different, unless it's a pure one. The travelers were warned of the nocnitsae outside the perimeter of Pozemius, yet were assured that the land of Pozemius was very safe. But, the travelers are unsure and even the creatures of purity are terrifying.
    (This takes place in the 50's))


    Creatures of Pozemius:

    Nocnitsae: Hermaphrodite creatures of purity and wisdom. They never have partners, and usually do not even have friends. They have celebrations when a dark Nocnitsa turns, and are known to be very forgiving and powerful creatures.

    Ausancias: Humans that have tree limbs for arms and branches for fingers. Their skin is covered with bark, so they usually do not wear clothing. Their hair is made up of leaves and their toes are roots. Though, they never firmly place themselves in the ground and can move around very quickly. An Ausancia in the king of Pozemius (there is no female leader, not allowed).

    Brilhantae: Human sized scarabs that stand on their hind legs, and have four arms. Their underside is where their big beetle eyes are along with their pincers and mouth. They are often times guards of the Pozemius castle, and never crawl like a bug.

    Sereia: Sea creatures that also have the ability to walk on land. Their arms are covered in suction cups, their skin is covered in shiny scales, and they have webbing between their fingers. It appears that they're wearing large, pale snail shells on their heads, but it's actually a crest made of bone that replaces their hair. They have completely white eyes (no pupils or irises) and have poor eyesight, but amazing hearing. (Their ears are pointed)

    Vidae: Small pixie-like creatures only a few inches tall that fly around, and bear the wings of butterflies. They have no magical powers besides immortality, and have pointed ears along with no eyes and claws on the tips of their fingers. Their hair is often two times the length of their body, and they almost never land.

    Falahs: Usually in the form of a glittering, large dragonfly, Falahs are very peaceful and harmless creatures despite their menacing looks. They oftentimes get stuck in trees and once they're stuck, they appear as heads with long, tangled hair that gets them stuck in a tree in the first place. They have a comb that they'll give to other creatures so their hair can be combed out, and they can be free. There are two kinds of Falahs. Pure Falahs, which are glittering white, and fire Falahs, which are bright orange and set flame to anything that harms it.

    Kikimoras: People with long claws, bony hands, and the faces of ravens. They oftentimes wear long black cloaks and only their beak is visible. They're known to be creatures of knowledge, but not kindness.

    (You can be any of these creatures, along with the explorers, of course.)


    Dark Nocnitsa (humans only):
    Opinion of this role play (optional):

    My form:

    Name: William Elliott
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Arrogant and bossy. He usually acts like a jerk, and likes telling people to shut up, but he can be humorous and pleasant if he's not in any kind of stressful situation.
    History: He's traveled and explored all his life, wouldn't give it up for anything (especially a woman, so don't try to date him).
    Species: Human
    Picture/description: Tall and muscular with tan skin and black, neat hair, and a slight beard.
    Dark Nocnitsa (humans only): A 7 ft creature that wears a black cloak and has skeletal hands, with mouths on its palms. It has no face either, and makes a trail of black liquid wherever it goes (if it makes itself visible).
    Username: Garjzla

    (Please do NOT copy! [​IMG])
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  2. Forms:

    Personality:dark, mysterious, she will show kindness very rarely, only in times of need.
    History:Hidden(AKA I'm to lazy:gig)
    Picture/description:she has a long Raven beak, very bony hands and long claws.her skin is very pale skin.her eyes are a Very dark green almost black with jet black hair.
    Dark Nocnitsa (humans only):
    Opinion of this role play (optional):GREAT
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    (Great! Except for one thing, they have the face of ravens so their eye color would either be black or dark brown, she wouldn't have hair, and her face would in fact be covered in feathers.)
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