Privett, small mistake w/order, should I call them?


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Mar 10, 2013
Odessa, Texas
When I went to place my order their website was having problems, so I called in my order. I couldn't order everything I wanted unless I wanted to wait until July. No problem, I changed my order because I didn't want to wait. That's where the first problem comes up. I don't have an email confirmation for my order because the website was down and I don't remember exactly what I ordered. I do know I had to have a 30 minimum and I'm pretty sure I ordered:

5 blue silkies
5 white silkies
5 red frizzle bantam Cochin
5 white frizzle bantam Cochin
10 Ameraucana bantam pullets

I received 31 chicks, all healthy so far. I can't figure out which one has an extra chick, maybe the red frizzle? The biggest disappointment is that I only have 4 blue silkies. (So I obviously have an extra of something else. Still haven't figured it out...) The main reason I ordered was for the silkies and I really wanted the blue ones. I'm kicking myself for not ordering more of them but 5 should have been ok if I had gotten all of them. The main reason I ordered the ameraucana were for 'fillers' and I know that if I decide not to keep them, they will probably sell easier than the others.

Should I call the hatchery and say something? I really don't want a refund for one chick, plus I did receive something else in its place and an extra chick. I guess its more just the fact I didn't get what I ordered. Would you call and tell them that there was a mistake?
You may have thought of this already, but at most hatcheries, when you order blues, you usually get a mixture of blue, black, and splash. It depends on how they have their breeding pens set up, I don't see any info on the Privett site, but you could call and ask. If they are set up as blue x blue, you'd get 25% black, 25% splash, and 50% blue.

You may have a black or splash chick somewhere in the mix.
I hadn't thought of that!
I feel rather silly now!

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