Probability of Brain Cancer from a cell phone?!

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  1. Thoughts-opinions? My Dad is positively absolutely convinced that if I get a cell phone I will get a brain tumor and die. I am trying to convince him otherwise. Any help!?

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    I think my mom will get brain cancer, she talks on her phone 24/7 [​IMG]
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    If you drive and talk on a cell phone, it is pretty probable that you won't have time to get cancer before you die.
    but, that won't help your case with dad, will it?
  4. Quote:Nope, not really. [​IMG]
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    No there is no link between it. You would think that with more people using cell phones the presence of brain tumors would have gone up as well. they did statistics on brain tumors over the past 10 years and found no link between cell phones and brain tumors.
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    Quote:Honey have you considered that the cancer angle is his way of saying no nicely?
  7. Quote:Honey have you considered that the cancer angle is his way of saying no nicely?

    Yes, I have. He said get him proof and he will think about it. [​IMG]

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    I'd be more worried about the areas where you keep your phone like your pocket more than I would be worried about your brain.

    You can tell him that there is no proven facts thats say you can get brain cancer from cell phone use.
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    If you mainly use texting them the phone won't be by your head,its the Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation that is said to cause the proublem.So tell him to get rid of that microwave cause most people stand infront of it waiting for food to cook/heat up.

    Probably the most important use for RF energy is in providing telecommunications services. Radio and television broadcasting, cellular telephones, radio communications for police and fire departments, amateur radio, microwave point-to-point links, and satellite communications are just a few of the many telecommunications applications. Microwave ovens are a good example of a noncommunication use of RF energy. Other important noncommunication uses of RF energy are radar and for industrial heating and sealing. Radar is a valuable tool used in many applications from traffic enforcement to air traffic control and military applications. Industrial heaters and sealers generate RF radiation that rapidly heats the material being processed in the same way that a microwave oven cooks food. These devices have many uses in industry, including molding plastic materials, gluing wood products, sealing items such as shoes and pocketbooks, and processing food products.
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    I've read the research in detail.

    No proof. One group came out saying the research didn't prove anything, and were quoted as saying, 'it's possible!'

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