Probably a stupid question?


Jul 2, 2021
United Kingdom
Ok so i have a r-com 2 with auto turning and the egg-turning tray i am curently at day 11. I put 6 ayam cemani eggs in aswell as 4 derbyshire red caps (i live in derbyshire and they are rarer than the cemanis) however only 3 red caps have taken and only 2 ayam, now im happy with the red caps but concerned about the cemanies especially as they dont seem to be as far along as the red caps. So this is where the stupid question comes in. The general tempretures in derbyshire tend to be relatively low and it rains a lot , to the point some of my friends out of county call it the bleak district. While the cemani's come from a very warm country. Could it be that the temp for the cemani's should-could do with being slightly higher and if so by how much as if i dont get a cock then im going to try again pluss i would like to hatch/ breed my own birds eventually. I also think i may need to re calibrate the incubator as it has not been done for several yeasr. I have tryed 3 temp probs and all say slightly diffrens 1 shows 36.7o1 @ 38.1c and the other at 99f but this 1 although more of a professional 1 being an attachment to a multimeter dosnt do decimal places. Any surgestions for next time as shortly im going to try for yokohamas


9 Years
Aug 6, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
The breed does not change how you incubate the eggs. I've hatched several breeds of chickens along with ducks, muscovy and quail. I also have an Rcom. The temp runs cool so I turned up the temp to 101 and keep it there. You might want to try putting an addl thermostat in your bator to see if the temp is off.

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