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I have a mature green male that has been very sick, i dewormed him and gave him doxicycline for his breathing problem, he's better now, his weight and his menure are in order now, but at night you can still hear the havy breathing, i wanna use him this year for breeding spaldings but than he has to be completely healthy, does anyone have an idea how i can get rid off his bad breathing?


Give him a shot of Tylan 200 or a shot of Baytril at the base of the back of the neck just under the skin.
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How much cc should i give him, my vet told me it's a very strong antibiotic, it will hurt the bird when i inject it, but if it helps that's no problem for me,

Ok- please don't read this wrong- I put my veterinary hat on and am typing like I speak with pet owners and zoo managers- candidly and straight to the point. What I'm writing is not opinion it's fact. Twenty plus years of experience and fact with invaluable, irreplaceable critically endangered zoo birds and wild birds in rehabilitation facilities and so on- not from a pretty peacock hobbyist perspective- but I think anyone with a sick and suffering peafowl prefers the hard and dry vet talk over the stab around until you find the vein guess work.

First off- you don't know what you're treating and may well be creating an anti-biotic resistant strain of something.
You need to help the bird boost its immune system. That's the primary objective of helping a bird through an illness- not kill all the good bacteria along with the bad.

Get yourself some Omega Red gel caps- one gel cap every three days for two weeks -AND a cranberry GEL cap (not powder)- sold in any pharmacy for people with urinary tract infections- every three days for two weeks- AND plain yogurt mixed into canned corn every day for two weeks.

Baytril is my drug of choice and it should be administered in the nasal cavity- where the upper respiratory infection started- and is incubating- not in the blood stream of the body as you've got to treat the air sacs where blood does not circulate-

Mix Baytril with three and one contact lense solution and oregano ( marjoram) essential oil- and inject in the sinus cavity - this will be absorbed into the entire sinus cavity and throughout the air sacs- this is not a blood born illness but a respiratory one - so treat the respiratory system and avoid waging war against the good bacteria and good fungi within the bird's immune system.

Secondly, why are you using a green peafowl to produce spalding? There are so many spalding out there-and So many polluted greens we are in a catastrophic situation- of course it's your bird but in the interests of stewardship and conservation- might it be better to trade the bird for a spalding and let someone produce an unpolluted green?

Lastly- green peafowl do not have identical nutritional requirements or aviary requirements with domestic Indian peafowl and their mutations- they end up with damaged immune systems- via stress and nutritional deficiencies.
Wrap the aviary in shade cloth up to ~ 4 ' and drop all soy from the diet- replace that soy with a decent pet kibble that is soy free and high in animal protein- not vegetable protein. Also- increase the fat content in the diet- once every few weeks just add some bacon drippings to the dry feed.
Resolution, I have often wondered this. Are you formally DVM or somone with a lot of experience of treating and managing birds (or both)?
Resolution, I have often wondered this. Are you formally DVM or somone with a lot of experience of treating and managing birds (or both)?

I am not a DVM but work as a veterinary technician with a humanitarian aid organization- focusing largely on large hoofstock used as beasts of burden in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Kassala, Axum etc.. My experience with zoo animals and birds in particular provides more insight- like any aviculturist or bird breeder- it's the hands on experience that matter at the end of the day. I find that most DVM don't have avian experience and they call on a very small pool of those that do and keeping birds all these years -together with working in a major zoo for a few years ( circa 90's) has blessed me with an opportunity to stay in the loop and continue learning relevant information as often as it comes my way.
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The birds has had two shots of two cc Tylan 200 in his throat, he is doing a little better, but the heavy breathing is still hearable when he's roosting for the night or when he is stressed. If it doesn't work, i'm going to go more directly for the treating of the sinal cavity and the air sacs. I use this bird for breeding spalding because there aren't many real Spaldingbreeders in Belgium and my pure Java hen was killed by the cock in the breeding season, she was 12 years old and one day she was under a small tree and the cock was picking at her, she was already dead when i saw this, he had never done anything like this before and is really friendly, so now i don't have a breeding female java anymore, if he gets better i will let you know,

Thanks you a for the info,

little strong for 200 .1/2 cc down the throat for 5 days.. yes some injes=cting into the sinus cav. works. but unless you know about injecting there , you could do some damage.

is the bird yawning or acting like something is in his throat. ......maybe gape worms.

Using the green to produce higher % of spalding is what most people use if a male green, plus you can breed him with spalding and green hens, giving him more hens will help protect the hens from him, also try to give them a place to hide.

trick is to rotate the hens so you don't mix the eggs

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