Problem with Egg Turner for HovaBator... Please help!

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Oct 28, 2009
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My egg turner is not working. It hasn't been used for long and I just started a new batch of eggs.

I noticed it didn't seem to be turning so I unplugged then plugged back in. I even switched plugs in case that was the problem. After that it did a half rotation (from right to left) and is now stuck again. The motor is warm to the touch and makes a slight noise no different from when it was working a few months ago. I moved all the eggs away from the motor, but still not turning. I am hand turning the eggs now, but does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone have this problem and what did you do? Google doesn't seem to have any solutions.
Mine went out last year and I was able to order just a motor from GQF, I went and bought a new turner locally until the motor arrived but you could hand turn until then
Thanks for the advice.

I went to turn the eggs again before bed and it looks like they have moved. So it must be intermittently working. After work I fiddled with it a bit; tried to take the weight of the eggs off the plastic turning piece and tried to push it in the direction its suppose to go. Maybe I knocked something loose? It was stuck leaning to the left so I'm sure in the morning it will be stuck to the right!

Looks like a new motor is about $25 plus shipping...

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