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May 23, 2012

I need some advice really. A few days ago early morning I went to my chicken coop to find a brown hen (golden line) on her side and not moving, at first I thought she might be dead and have three other chickens which seem to be fine. The first thing I did was to research that she might be egg bound so I tried the hot vapour trick and bathing her in warm water but nothing really ( she was moving her vent etc quite alot which seemed to have stopped now). I noticed quite abit of yellow stuff coming from her vent which has since stopped and is normal poop and her urine seems ok. I have been making sure she has plenty of water and food but shes not getting better. She can stand up but then leans to one side and can only walk alittle. Her abdomen feels warm/hot (not sure how warm its meant to feel if i am honest) but her legs seem cooler and she didn't flinch when i was feeling them incase of an injury. I can't see any mites either etc. I also checked her eyes and they aren't cloudy.

Any ideas? I am not sure if she will get better but she seems to enjoy her food and looks heathly enough.

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Hi David,

Welcome to the BYC Forum.....

It sounds like the hen has some serious problems but may be getting better. I hope so. Perhaps this bump will bring it to the attention of someone on BYC who knows of some suggestions for you. Hope she gets well.

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