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What do you do with the blood so you don't attract predators? I have a couple extra roosters that we are going to process, but we are in a high predator area, and I'm concerned about attracting them to my hens.

They were supposed to get their trip today to the freezer, but we are having a bad hailstorm today, so they get a reprieve until Thursday.
I guess you could put a bucket underneath?
I butcher here with fox, bear everything around and haven't had problems, but I've also got 23 dogs.............
Yes, but then what do you do with it? I have a composter, and I've thought about putting it in there, but the composter is right by my coop. So if the animals smell the blood, they're right there.
Maybe get a fire going and burn it?
Or maybe hose it down so much that you totally dilute the blood into nothing??
These are just things off the top of my head that I might do if in your situation.
If I had 23 dogs, I wouldn't worry.
But I only have 1 and she sleeps inside at night.

I thought about hosing it too. Hmmm, I'll keep thinking.
Honestly, we've butchered a lot of animals and never had a problem. We just rinse away the blood with a hose. Rabbits, deer, chickens, what have you. In the fall the deer hang in the trees out front and drip 50 feet from the coop -- never lost a chicken at that time of year. 2 roosters aren't going to create THAT big a mess. If you're really concerned capture all the blood in a pail and if you don't have anywhere you can dump it pour it down a drain and rinse well after it with water.
If you are worried, I guess just wash it down with a hose. Or, use some clorox. That will kill the smell for sure. That is what I use when my husband does something with the cars involving antifreeze.

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