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    Please Do Not Say Negative Things About This Thread,As I Put In A Lot of Effort On Making It!

    Many questions need answered on Production reds.A famous breed that has been known to have many tricks on people,main thing is,"Is my hen or rooster a PR?".Well,many of you might already know pretty much everything about it,as there are Several threads on the breed.This thread in particular is to clear,in all respect,incorrect information up.Weights,egg laying,breeds,looks,genes etc.

    What does a Production Red stand for?
    This is a rare question mainly because,who would even think about it?,how dumb!Actually it's a very good question.Many of you likely don't know,but Production red means something more then just a chicken breed,as I guess you would call it.

    It means,a red bird,who lays dark brown eggs,period.

    How are red sex links different from a Production red?
    Somewhat common,but still,let's clear it up.A distinctive way is,a red sex link is bred with a white gene hen,and a rec gene rooster.While production reds are not bred with White Gene hens,beside the leghorn.Which is farely possible,and known to be bred to make the Production red.Red sex links have a variety of white all over their body,while Production reds may have a few stray white featherson the tail,or even black tail feathers.Maybe white specks on the neck.They are usually,light brown,and/or orange brown (The PR).

    Egg laying difference?
    There are also differences in both hybrids egg laying.Production reds lay XL (X large) eggs,while Red sex links lay a large egg,or just medium.And likely have specks on the eggs,of course,that can happen with just about any breed of chicken.Also,the red sex link lays better then the Production red can,in all honesty.

    Sexing difference:
    One interesting thing is,the Production red is the only,Hybrid I know that can't be sexed at birth.On the other hand,red sex links can be sexed immediately after coming out of the egg shell.

    Hens in hybrids,are as said in books etc,but the rooster,well,he kinda likes.doing his own thing.By saying that, I am saying,the Red sex link rooster,is completely different from said.A red sex link rooster is white with brown on the back and wings,sometimes,some black even.Heritage sex links are likely different.The production red has,and will never have a rooster looking different from what it is known.

    The breed is bred with mainly rhodies blood line when you search it,but also has some leghorn i
    n it.The bird is often used for its egg production,other then meat production,but also good pets for very many families.

    A production red is a standard sized bird.Meaning,a nice size,not too large.The average weight should be and likely would be,2 1/2 pounds for a hen,and 1 or lower on a pullet,Cockerals will likely bay at 3 pounds,while a rooster could weigh,4 pounds,or 5 if in a goid healthy place.

    If you think I should add anything else,please do add,and put any input you think about the breed,but please do not say negative things about this thread!

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