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Nov 2, 2009
so i can get grain for 15 dollars for 75 pound bag of broiler feed so that comes to .20 cents a pound i raise cornish for 6 weeks use will round it up to 11 pounds of grain that come to 4.00 dollars worth of grain plus 95 cents a chick will say i got 5.50 in each bird round it up i think i should be able to sell natural free range broilers for 7-10 dollars a peaice im not lookin to becaome rich but a dollar here is a dollar here i dont count my time doing it i work 40plus hours a week so i enjoy workiing with chickens and all my equipment ive had for so long its paid for. ive done good with selling laying pullets cost me 3 dollars to raise a leghorn to 18 weeks old i sell them for 5-8 a peice depending on buyer. i was just crunching numbers see if i could come out ahead on cornish rocks
Great question!! Wish I could answer!!

I think a lot of it depends on the price per lb you can get and of course on your time to grow them out and whether or not you have good pasture so they're not at the feeder all-the-time.
Hi! I always lose it on the bedding and butchering cost. If you can keep your cost at what you stated and then sell the birds for that much you should be able to make a few dollars. Lots on here have.
It can be done. We have done it Maybe get a 1.00 a bird. Just remember to include. Heating, bedding as they will need it even if they are free range when there chicks. and also you will need to count in "dead loss" in the equation as with raising broilers they do have a tendency to loose a few to just how they grow and 2 if they are free range and your pen is not preditor proof count on possible loosing a few to preditors.

that being said. We have done it. It is possible but its definatly work and you have to keep a close eye on everything you put into them. I susgest if you do... make a chart and everytime you buy something put it on. At the end of there growing and buthering calculate the price you put into the birds and then figure out the finals selling price. It will definately not be grocery store prices but If you find a nitch like free range I would say you could get the price. Also remember that there are laws and regulations regarding meat and poultry sales as well so follow the laws in your area. one in our area is how our meat are buthcered they have to be done in a certified processor... which we have a backyard processor that does it for us that is certified to do it.
I agree that bedding often drives up the price per bird more than people consider. Broilers can go through a lot of bedding before they are put out on pasture. We do make a profit on ours, but so far, most of that profit is still being eaten up by equipment costs. We are still growing so we are still having to build more tractors and brooders, not to mention a better processing area and things like coolers and ice to keep the birds cold once they have been processed.
First and foremost......I wish you success.

It sounds like you have done some research to know what you are getting into. "IF" you market (targeted customers) will allow you to sell you chickens for $10 plus each, it can be profitable if you are able to raise MANY chickens. Here in So Cal you can sell Cornish X's for $9 for a clean bird but you have to get around a bunch of laws to do it. As odd as it sounds you can sell cleaned coturnix quail for $6 a bird. There is way more profit in selling quail as opposed to chickens in my limited experience. But back to chickens. I saw "organic chicken" at Trader Joes the other day selling for over $13 a bird. So it CAN BE DONE.

Go HOOSIERS. I miss Kokomo.

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