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    Hi, hope someone can help.

    Recently I posted about our 10 month old Ameraucana hen, Daisy. She started laying last November, had an issue with being egg-bound in December, which resolved with a bit of help. In February, we found her injured and bleeding one morning, a big tear in the skin of her abdomen, which I cleaned and treated. At the same time, her abdomen began to get really swollen and firm, and she stopped laying. I thought maybe the injury had hurt her inside too, and possibly she was laying internally.

    We kept her in a wire dog crate in the coop so she could still be with the flock while she recovered, and she did. Almost all of the swelling in her belly went away, and she continued to be active and alert. Yesterday we released her to join the rest of the girls again.

    This morning, after 14 full days of "isolation" in the crate, and on the second day of her freedom with the rest of the girls, I came outside this morning to find a perfect blue egg in one of the nesting boxes. There is no question that the egg is hers - it was smeared with blood and her little bum is prolapsed, protruding out about an inch.

    Everything I read online is different. Leave it alone, don't leave it alone. Push it back in, don't push it back in. Bring her somewhere warm, leave her in the coop. I used my best common sense and brought her in to clean her up. After a warm soak I could get a better look at it, doesn't look good. One thing I read that does make sense, it was recommended to keep it moist and clean, and to use an anti-inflammatory cream if possible. A couple sites I read recommended Preparation H, which made sense... so we applied a bit. Supposedly it blocks pain, and helps the tissue to shrink so it can go back inside on its own.

    Anyone ever heard of this? I figure it can't hurt, might help. I did try to gently push the prolapse back in with no luck. I didn't dare push too hard because the tissue is so delicate I was afraid to hurt her worse. She's alert, eating, drinking and pooping, in a warm crate in our bathroom.

    Am I on the right track or is it hopeless? Can anyone tell me what to do?

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    A lot of people have had good results spreading honey on it- that causes the swelling to reduce and the swollen part recedes back inside.

    I'd think it would help to give her antibiotics, but others here will know more about this.
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