Prolapse vent with scab?


Mar 18, 2011
I’m dealing with our first prolapse and we’re on day 3. She still seems fine except for the prolapse (perky, wanting food, etc). I’ve been doing all the stuff: soak. Epsom. Sugar. Hydrocortisone. Vetricyn. It will stay in a bit longer now, but it still pops out when she poops. It was initially bloody and I believe she was pecked. Now I’m convinced she has a scab at the end of her cloaca. I read somewhere that until that scab comes off she will continue to prolapse. I’ve also read to remove scab and to not remove scab. (She is pooping fine, no blockage of the hole). Suggestions?
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I'm dealing with the same situation. Mine had a small scab but I am finding that hot compresses (very warm wet facecloth, not too hot) over the cloaca and vent, followed by vitamin E, has softened and flattened the scab. I did it 3 times today. I gently put the vitamin E (about 6 large capsules full) on the prolapse and surrounding area, place my fingers over the whole area and give very slight and slow but steady pressure. If it goes in, I keep my fingers flat over the area but the only pressure I apply is above the vent (on the flap) and apply a gentle downward pressure to discourage the prolapse from emerging. I think this works better than pressure directly over the opening. With gentle downward pressure over the flap, she seems to respond by not forcing it out.

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