Prolapsed vent? "Pasty bum" ? My week old Cochin is having issues! Please help!

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    I picked up 2 week old Cochins yesterday. One has what appears to be a prolapsed anus (my sister is a nursing student) that was her diagnosis. The breeder mentioned she had a "poopy bum" I just figured some poop was stuck in her feathers, she cleaned her up a bit before sending her home but once I was home I took a look myself. It looks pretty swollen with a little bit of what could be scabbing around the outer edge. She seems fine, active, drinks, eats, poops. I have been cleaning it up and keeping an eye on her I put some triple antibiotic ointment on it after trimming up her feathers. I am hoping this will get better with time. I researched among other posts and it seems this is fairly common and most people seem to be successful in nursing their chicks back to health. However, most of the pictures I have seen posted look much more red and irritated than my chick. So I can't be sure that this is in fact what is wrong. I am posting a picture any feedback at all is appreciated. I think I am already doing everything I can do, but I just want to feel better about it... THANK YOU SO MUCH
    This isn't the best photo I cleaned her up just prior to taking it, she seems to be less pink than even earlier today but you can see that she is definitely swollen.
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    I bought chicks for the first time three days ago and I have a chick with a problem too. I have been watching her in the brooder and she had a dried poo strand on her bum near the vent. I thought it would just fall off and it hasn't so, reading my "Storey's Guide to Rasing Chickens" it said to use warm water and remove the poo. Well... I tried that and like mefbrennan I have trimmed the hair attempting to free the poo. The vent is quite red and puffy. I read another thread and it had a lot of suggestions as far as applying preparation H, adding olive oil and molasses to their food to make the food moist. Should I just leave her alone???

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