Protecting your chickens from predators in your backyard!

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Protecting your chickens from predators - a full time job

    It’s one of a chicken lover’s worst fears – losing a beloved chicken to a predator. It can happen to the best of us no matter how well we build our coops, how closely we watch our birds while they free range, and how much we love our chickens.

    Joe Masciovecchio, who raises chickens in his backyard in Connecticut, was tired of losing chickens to predators.

    “Even though we had a fence installed around the coop we started to lose chickens to a neighborhood fox and fisher cat,” Joe said. His family looked into some simple products that were supposed to protect his backyard using flashing lights, but he found that this was just a temporary fix, and the problem still wasn’t solved.

    Too many chicken owners are familiar with this problem. “Throughout this time our chicken count started to go down on a week by week basis,” Joe said, and he and his family were starting to get frustrated.

    Joe got a team together and started researching – what really works to keep predators away from coops and gardens? He was determined to find a way to keep his chickens safe, and after realizing that none of the available options really fit his needs, he came up with his own solution: The Predator Preventer.

    The Predator Preventer is a 3 tiered system designed to keep predatory animals away from, farm animals, livestock and domestic animals; it also protects gardens and property. The system uses a combination of defenses to protect your animals and property, including lights, sounds, motion sensors, heat sensors, light sensors and distance sensors.

    Joe made sure that the Predator Preventer worked day and night, because he knew that some predators come out even in the daylight. Another key part of his design was to make it solar powered, so he never had to worry about making sure it was plugged in – he knew it had to work, no matter what.

    The Predator Preventer has three levels of protection for your backyard flock. The first is two red, pulsing deterrent lights that look like large predator eyes, which will keep most animals from even approaching your yard. If a predator gets within 35 feet of your protected area, a high power blinding light activates which keeps the area well-lit and dissuades a predator from believing he can sneak in unnoticed.

    For the situations when a deter
    mined predator stays in the protected area for more than five seconds, Joe added a third tier of protection: an ear-piercing alarm. The alarm is annoying and ear-piercing to predatory animals, and though humans can hear it, it’s not ear-piercing to us and it won’t bother you (or your neighbors!) while you sleep.

    Even though this system was originally designed with chickens and other backyard livestock in mind, Joe and his team have realized that the Predator Preventer has a lot of uses. It protects Joe’s garden from deer and other animals, keeps skunks and other unwelcome visitors away from your property, and since it’s extremely portable, easy to use, and can be set up in five minutes, it can even be used during camping trips.

    The Predator Preventer is family owned and operated, and Joe is proud that his product can help chicken lovers, and anyone who wants to protect their property, safe from predators.

    “Since the beginning we have had one goal in mind, to create a product that would be safe but effective and work in all sorts of climates and weather conditions,” Joe said.

    Check out for more info about how Joe’s homegrown product can help you protect your backyard flock.

    What kinds of predators do you see in YOUR backyard? What's the best way you've found to stop them?
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    Mar 26, 2011
    Southern Utah
    I have a run with a foot of wire in the bottom, then you're suppose to cover the top and put rocks around the run.
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    Oct 6, 2010
    Hawks are the main one for me(raccoons, opposums and dogs, though they have never killed one of my chickens).

    Closing the coop door at night, lots of natural shelter(pine trees, etc) and watching the chickens frequently are ways to keep my girls safe.
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    Apr 9, 2012
    I bought this product from a local garden center last year and so far it has worked great, I had a problem with coyotes and red tail fox for a while late last year and we feel this product has made a impact in keeping these animals away.
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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Do you mean the predator alarm? I thought about it but my neighbors would rather something ate all of us rather than have their sleep disturbed by an alarm. Does the light run off predators before the alarm goes off?
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    Mar 11, 2011
    This sound just like mine.
    I am always watching the hens.
    I have never lost one to predators. Thank the Lord.
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    Mar 11, 2011

    Jennio11 said
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    Anyone else think it's fishy that this is this guy's first post? Just sayin'.

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Wondering what that device cost and where u can get one
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    golden sparrow,
    Do you use this alarm? Have you experienced the alarm sounding?

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