Protein Levels for Pheasants


7 Years
Nov 25, 2012
So, in my continued education about my pheasants, I am reading and getting some conflicting information regarding what the protein level should be in my birds diet.

I have read in several places where pheasants need a higher protein than fowl. But I have been told by several aviculturist that what I am feeding is too high in protein.

What I am currently feeding is a 28% protein gamebird pellet, and some 19% 5 grain feed (it has fish pellets in it to up protein level).
We offer fresh veggies and some fruit in addition to their feed.

I have been told that the high protein will lead to feather and wing issues- honestly IDK- I had good hatches this past season and very very low mortality in the chicks so.....
I don't know where those so called scientist get their information from but it sounds like your on the right track. I have fed all my birds, chickens, ducks, pheasants, chukars, turkeys and quail Purena Game Bird Startina (28%) protein as long as I have been raising birds, about 18 years. And I have always had excellent results in laying, hatching, chick development and coloring. I stay with Startina all the way thru their life cycle. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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