protruding broken wing bone-HELP!

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    My Rhode island red "Henny Penny" was attacked by a dog a few days ago. My chickens free range so I was close enough to see her today and realized a bone is sticking out and its the top large bone. We do not have any vets in my area that will see a chicken... should I put her down? She seems to be thriving well still eating and drinking and the other hens are not picking on her. I don't know what to do I need advice.
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    A bone sticking out needs professional attention, IMHO.....potential for infection and there has to be pain
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    Hi, I am wondering what the outcome of this situation was..... I have the same thing going on here :( Did your chicken survive the attack and injury?
  5. I picked up two chickens (a hen and a young pullet) next to the road about a month ago. Both in really bad shape. The pullet's middle toe on both feet are cut off and you can see her one leg has been broken before, but has grown on again. The hen's comb is cut off and the head looks quite low on feathers as well. They were dihidrated and really hungry. They are well fed now, but i've noticed that the hen's wing is bothering her. Upon closer examination, i realised that the wing has been badly broken, the bone is also sticking out at the bottom. My fiance is wondering if cutting off the wing will be better for her, but I'm too sensitive for that. What should we do? I dont want infection to poisen her. Please help
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    Can you get a pic? I would clean it and put an antibiotic on it. Is there any way you can push the bone back in? Is she in pain? There might be a vet you can take her to even if it's not close. You might try looking up a chicken vet near your area.
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  7. I tried posting pictures, they dont want to upload. The broken bone has grown on skew and the one side of the broken bone is sticking out (like if you put your two index fingertips together, then take the one fingertip and place it in the fold of the other finger... Something like that). Seems like she's been walking around like that for months already. So, sticking the bone back in, doesnt seem like an option. There is no blood. She is sensitive to movements from the other chickens and when i'm trying to pick her up, but i don't know if it is from the previous trauma that she had or from pain in the wing itself. We have vets close, but again, money is a problem.
  8. I took the hen (that turned out to be a rooster lol) to the vet. He said that amputating the wing will cost me more than R1000! And then he cannot garentee the success of the operation, and the survival of the chicken... That is bad. But he thinks that Aasvoël (the chicken) looks like a strong bird, and that it has been walking around like that for quite a while already, and there doesnt seem to be any infection. He suggested that i give it some stress medicine and antibiotics and see how it goes.
  9. Well, I thought an update on my rooster's wing might help someone. We gave him some antibiotics and he went on with his daily routine, so we left him to do his thing. The other day, we examined his wing again... and it healed up. No more bone sticking out. He really is a survivor. Chickens can be tougher than we think!
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