Proud of my dog


8 Years
Oct 28, 2015
lorain county, Ohio
2 summers ago my son brought over 5 chickens.
My dog never had seen a chicken before and really if it didn't fly like the wind or run like a Cheetah it was not on his property.

Well needless to say he got up early the next day and welcomed them. Somehow they got out of their temporary cage and well it wasn't pretty. There were feathers everywhere.
I thought the worst when I seen a chicken laying in the yard. To my surprise it was still breathing and as soon as I picked it up and turned it right side up, it took off. I found 2 more and the same thing happen.
So from then on with those chickens I kept them in a tractor moving them around until I gave them away.

I told my wife that I really thought if I got some chicks and he watched them grow he would be OK with them being here.
Well I was in our coop working yesterday and came out to see how the girls were doing and this is what I came out to.

With some work and a smart dog, I think you all can see he did make a great turn around.
Now I need to work on his watching for Hawks a bit more and I can rest a bit better when the girls are out.

Completely off the subject, I just want to say how much I appreciate this site and how much info there is. I spend probably an hour or more each day reading things that I have questions or just curious about. I probably will never get past the " new egg " status because most answers to questions are here somewhere. THANK YOU!!!
What a beautiful photo! Dogs can be taught to leave the chickens alone, just as yours has done. What a good boy he is too! He looks so proud of his flock. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to BYC too, so glad you joined us!

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