puffed up hen. egg bound? prolapse?

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    One of my SLW hens was standing all puffed up in the hen house with her eyes closed. she is very rigid and didn't run away when I picked her up. I have her in a warm bath with epson salt now. What should I do? it does seem like their is a little bit of prolapse but since she is so rigid it is making me think egg bound
  2. Can you feel an egg in her?
  3. Debs55

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    She didn't make it through the night. After her bath I had decided it wasn't an egg and started treating her do coccidia because she has blood in her poop...well it was steadily leaking from her vent. It was my only guess since coccidia is very common here. I will have to watch the rest of my flock closely
  4. [​IMG] So sorry for your loss... I hope your other girls are OK...

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