Pullet Acting Weird (trying to scratch comb) Please Help!

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    Oct 3, 2016
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    Hi Guys.
    I have a question on my 9 month old Ameraucana X Pullet.
    She was very sick two weeks ago and nearly died. I brought her inside the house and rehabilitated her.
    She's been living in the basement for two weeks now because she wasn't walking anymore. Now she can stand and walk but isn't fully functional (she falls easily)

    Since a couple of days, I catch her often UPSIDE DOWN making weird noises and moving her legs and head like her comb is REALLY ITCHY. it looks like this but the way she acts its like uncontrollable. It almost looks like an epilepsy crisis but it's not that

    I was wondering maybe her comb is dry, because in the basement theres the wood stove and it gets pretty hot. (Sometimes she opens her mouth, I wonder if its because she's hot?)
    Anyway this morning I moved her pen further in another room downstairs so it wouldn't be as hot.
    I was thinking maybe her comb is dry from it? so I tried hydrating it with a urea foam I have, when I touch her comb/head she gets all crazy like she likes it that I scratch her comb or something

    It's uncontrollable, sometimes she's laying on her back completely and trying to scratch, im concerned about this.

    Any ideas?

    I bring her to the coop every morning to see her sisters, but I don't think she's ready to live back inside, im afraid the other girls will PICK on her..

    Please help me out.
    thanks [​IMG]
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    I answered on your other theads.

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