Pullet got stepped on! Help!


5 Years
Aug 7, 2014
Berkeley, CA
Ive recently been in the hospital so my mother was helping with my nightly chicken duties. She wasn't looking, and she stepped on one of my favorite pullets because she wasn't looking.

I put her indoors in a crate with water and the pullet she is bonded with to keep her company. Her cheeping is strained and she isn't putting weight on her left leg, but nothing appears broken. I discovered my heat lamp bulb is dead so I'm wondering what I should do. I put a regular bulb into the lamp, but the light seems to be keeping them riled up. I don't have sav-a-chick so I added a bit of Gatorade to their water.

Anything else I can or should do??
Monitor your temperature on the floor to keep the temperature in your lamp regulated, so they are not overheated. Regular light bulbs are used by many, but the red ones are more calming from my experience. How old is your chick? Check the leg for any swelling or bruising. Keeping her activity limited in a small area may help her heal up, but she may not be accepted back into the group if she is out for too long. A small cage within the group may help later. She shouldn't need the electrolytes after today if she is eating and drinking, but continue them if she won't drink well. Adding water to her feed may entice her to eat better, and scrambled chopped egg is attractive to chicks. Good luck with her recovery.
She is doing much better today. I'm guessing her leg is sprained. She walks around the crate mostly without issue. Occasionally she'll take a bad step and fall to the side a bit, but she recovers quickly to keep moving around. I am wondering if I would be better off just putting her outside today and hoping for the best. She is a d'uccle so her size puts her at a disadvantage all around.

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