pullet or not?


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Jul 10, 2016

Our first chickens. We have 8 girls. 5 are EE and seem to fit the hen pics I look over. However I have three that I just am not certain. Any thoughts on the BR in picture one or Sugar the brown and white (Cinnamon Sugar breed I think) or the Goldie the EE with the gold neck? Thank you much for your feedback.
Welcome to BYC! How old are they? The BR looks like a roo. The brown and white one kind of does, too, but I need a pic of its comb to make sure. The one with the gold neck looks like a pullet, but I need a pic of its comb to be sure. :)

How old are your birds?

From what I can see, I'm thinking the barred bird is a black sex link cockerel.
In the next picture, I think the brown and white is a second generation cockerel, and the other two are Easter egger pullets.

But, better pics of the second group is needed, and age could change some of my guesses.
He said between 10-14 weeks. The black/white and brown/white are very bossy. I will take better pics tonight. Thank you.
Excellent news. Thank you for the pictures that is quite the difference.

Any thoughts on the brown one from the comb picture?

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