Pullet or Roo - Barred Rock?


9 Years
Aug 6, 2010
Los Angeles
I am new to chickens so I am hoping you can help me. I cannot keep any roos, so I need to find a new home if they are both roos. I have two 8 week old bantam barred __________?? I got a bantam mix from Cackle hatchery, so I think they are either barred rocks or dominiques. The bigger one just started crowing, so I know it's a roo. The other one has always been smaller, was later in getting it's feathers and has a different shaped comb. I don't know if this means its a hen or just a different breed roo....??? Please help.

Smaller barred _______ - he or she???

Larger barred rock - Roo for comparison

Both together - larger on the left and smaller on the right
They both look like roos to me. The barred rock females I had were much darker, and the barred rock roo I had got his comb early like that too. I did find a 4H kid who too took him for a breeding project, so you might have some luck if you can contact your local 4H organization. Pretty though!

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