pullet or roo?


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Nov 1, 2015
I apologize in advance for the colour. Took these pics at night time so I needed to use a light. If they don't work I can take more in the morning. This is rosemary, she will be 10 weeks old in a few days. Her breed is a pioneer. Is anyone able to let me know if they think she's a pullet or roo, as I'm not able to keep roosters in my area
If that is a Pioneer, with that small comb, presuming it is pale yellow in color, that is a pullet.

Normally a full color, natural lighting photo is best, but you gave some background info that was helpful.

I'm not familiar with that breed (it's very pretty) but in general pullets don't develop a red comb and wattles until about 16 weeks..... even breeds with very large combs like leghorns. Cockerels usually start to redden up at about 5-6 weeks and then their plumage starts to change around 12-14 weeks. Hopefully someone will shout up and say that this breed is the exception to that and I'm wrong as you are clearly hoping for a pullet.
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