Pullet sick in one eye (picture included); Please Help

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    Hello All,
    My 2.5 month old pullet (Cuckoo Maran) had a bubbly eye so I brought her inside to get out of the heat and to quarantine her. I have 3 other pullets (a Wyandotte, Easter Egger and Speckled Sussex) living with their adoptive mother (a loving black silkie hen). I also have two hens in another coop next to them (one year olds).

    My pullet had a bubbly eye this afternoon which turned into sores in the picture below. I am wondering what this is and how to help her. None of the other chickens have it yet. I made her scrambled eggs with garlic powder and have given her water with some apple cider vinegar. It is 95 degrees outside most days, despite the shade, fan and ice blocks to cool them off-I think she needs a break from the intense heat. New to chicken illnesses...Can you help??

    One eye is affected and the other eye is fine.


    Can you help? Thanks :)
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    Jun 26, 2016
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    She has what look like peck marks around her eyes or perhaps fowl pox from mosquitoes. The bubbly eyes can be a result of her swollen eye from pecking, or from a possible respiratory disease. A respiratory disease will usually also cause nasal drainage, sneezing, or gasping. If you think it is that, then you may want to separate her and treat her with oxytetracycline or Tylan in her water. Tylan 50 injectable can also be used orally.
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