Pullet voice changing

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Apr 22, 2020
I have 2 game bantam pullets ( 14 weeks )
One is little bigger than other
I like petting them and they like to sit on my lap.
Smaller one is chirping till now
But bigger one has started bwak bwak ( i am sorry but dont know what that sound is called 😅 ) about a week or so
Her mother was 4 1/2 to 5 when she gets her voice change and started laying at 6
( I started raising chickens with her thats why I know 😄)
Is early voice change means early egg laying
Just curious

Thanks in advance !!
Genetics covers a thousand different details. Some chiciens start the voice change around three months, and others closer to four or even five months. Onset of laying is determined somewhat by genetics, but length of daylight has much more to do with it.

I have three EEs that are past the age where they should start laying, but the days are just too short to trigger the hormones.
That can happen at a range of ages. I had a rooster crowing at 11 weeks and fertilizing eggs at 13 weeks. I had another rooster that didn’t crow until maybe 15 weeks old. I’ve had chicks start making chicken noises at 10/11 weeks and others are older. Generally speaking, egg laying still doesn’t start til after 20 weeks. It’s rare but not impossible to happen sooner.
Thanks for your reply
I was just surprised by pigeon size pullet sounding like an adult 😄😅

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