Pullet with a swollen eye


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Sep 3, 2008
Hi everyone,

I have a 6 month old, americana pullet, who as of yesterday had a swollen eye. I noticed she was laying around, not very active yesterday, so I brought her inside away from the rest of the flock (just in case) her eye is red and swollen, I have rinsed it with warm water one time. I went to the feed store and they told me she needed to be on Duramycin-10. I'm not so sure about this, as what if she got pecked , or has a little scratch. and just needs a little time? She does not have a runny nose, she seems to be eating fine, and her poop well looks good to me, although she is still not as active and has that one eye closed, no sign of any blood or anything.... Anyone have a clue if she maybe sick or just a small injury ??? I have put the meds in the water anyway, but I don't like using antibotics if I don't have too !! Plus she is missing her friends
and if she is sick, is this the rite stuff???? Thanks !!!


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Sep 5, 2008
Some people may not agree..But I have used (oral) antibiotics in the past to make sure they didn't -get- an infection..
One time for a hawk wound..And another in a chick that got pecked in the eye..

You can also buy an opthalmic ointment to put on the eye itself
(at most feed stores)
You might also try a mild saline solution..

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I may not be the best person to ask..But at least I -did- reply

Hope all goes well for you and your chickie!!!

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Sep 2, 2008
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It has gotten so hard to reply to emergencies any more. We are not there to see the problem in person. Pictures always help and i believe that with out them, the point of posting is darn near mute.

However, I do not wish to be indignant. I would bring the bird indoors and keep her comfortable and warm. Give her treats to eat and plenty of water. A kind word and gentle touch goes a long way even for a chicken.

If the eye stays bad and does not start to heal I would give her a does of antibiotics for the required 10 days. What you use may be what the feed store has. You can do a search for the type of antibiotics people use on chicken and specifically for injuries that do not involve a virus. Remember you can not treat a virus with an antibiotic, only the secondary infection that may result from the viral infection.

Personally I use VetRx for the first few days and if this does not clear it up I go for the antibiotics. I do not do this lightly and always go the required 10 days.

Good Luck !!

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