Pullet with Lump/Tumor on Neck

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    I just adopted a small group of "chicks"(about 3 months old?). I discovered yesterday that one of the pullets has a small lump/tumor on the back of her neck. It's obviously only on/attached to the skin but there was a small 'tear' in the skin at the bottom of it. I have NO IDEA what could have caused it but it doesn't look infected, abscessed or any kind of yucky, just maybe scarred?

    I cleaned the cut part and applied some Neosporin and put her back out in the pen. she is totally normal besides the lump. I am wondering if I should leave it be or if i should have it removed? It makes her feathers stick up all weird-like but more than cosmetic things i am worried that it might get torn again, it's just in a weird spot on the back of her neck.

    what do you guys all think??

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    I would do what you are doing and just watch it.

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