Pullet With Swollen Eye


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I bought two 5 month old gold lace Wyandottes from a local farm on December 10. I have had them quarantined from the rest of my flock since then. A few days ago I noticed one of them has an eye that appeared to be slightly misshaped. Today it has really swollen up. I don't think it's Coryza there is no smell from her head. No nasal discharge. I hate giving antibiotics without really knowing what I'm treating. I'm hoping it's not something like MG, where even if she recovers she will remain a carrier. What about the other Wyandotte? Should I cull the one or both? Any advice appreciated. I have pics of both her eyes.Thanks



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Jan 8, 2015
I had a rooster and several hens that had the same problem. After about two weeks they got better by themselves. I believe it is contagious so you might want to keep her separated from the other birds.


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Since the eye continues to swell, I would say she does have some sort of infection, either sinus or respiratory. It looks too watery to be a simple peck to the eye. MG will cause watery eyes and sometimes bubbly eyes as well.

I would get her started on some antibiotics before it gets worse. MG is contagious, so you might dose the entire flock. Either Tylan, Sulfadimethoxine or even Duramycin in the water should help to clear this up.

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