Pullet's comb pecked off

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Recently, (Tuesday night) a fox broke into our 2 1/2 month old pullet coop. She killed 8, but we still have three. Asa cautionary measure, we put the pullets into another coop with 5 hens because that coop is built like a tank. Everyone was locked up with plenty of food and water and fine this morning. When I came home from work, I noticed one of the RIR pullets had had her comb completely pecked off. I fixed the pullet coop and put the three back out, but I am worried about the one pullet. She is drinking water and eating, but the top of her head is wet with blood. What types of medical measures should I make to make sure that she is comfortable, or should I put her down? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    PS I will post pictures if they are needed.
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    Quote:Chickens can recover from some pretty serious wounds. She will most likely be fine, The only thing I would be worried about is the others pecking her because they are drawn to blood. you should isolate her until you can get a product called blue-kote. apply it to the wound it will help to speed healing and also cover up the red with purple. Just be careful not to get into her eyes or mouth. I had to treat my roosters comb I took a towel and covered his eyes and face then sprayed the blue-kote. Sorry for the loss of your other chickens, and sorry it has to be under these conditions but [​IMG] p.s. let us know how she is doing.
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    Jun 18, 2011
    I'd get some warm water on a paper towel and try to clean the feathers around her head. Just to make her more comfortable and make sure her eyes are clean. Would hate to get a infection from the blood when she's already injured
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    You can coat it with Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic ointment as long as it isn't the kind with pain killer in it. If you can't keep her in the house (where it's more sterile) I would put her in a wire cage in the coop, maybe hanging. I've had a hen with a hole pecked in her head and another with her neck skin completely torn loose, and they both recovered within two weeks. Unless she's acting really weak I wouldn't worry too much. For my injured hens I mixed together oatmeal, mashed chicken feed, and egg yolk to make them eat. You can also give her some Pedialyte or something similar if she's acting sickly (but I would go easy on it--I don't know if it's something that can be overdosed or not).

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