Pullets or Roos?

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    Oct 7, 2013
    I adopted 2 hens and 3 chicks 3 weeks ago and have been reading this forum on how to sex and Identify breed. The mums are both supposed to be bantams but im not sure if they are mixes? Also, I'm not too sure what sex the chicks are. The chicks are around 7 weeks old now. For some reason my iPad won't let me import pictures so I'll do my best to describe them
    Chick 1 is almost pure creamy buff colour. The come is single row and is still yellow. The feathers on its neck are still fluffy but seem to be all the same length. I cant see any saddle or hackle feathers yet. It is fully feathered everywhere else. It's legs are yellow and there are no spur buds at all.

    Chick 2 is totally white with what looks like very grey and very pale cream blended in. Maybe some porcelain? It's legs are grey and I think I can see spur buds developing. It has raised feathers on it's crown but cant see any of the extra long ones that seem to appear on cockerels. The comb is slightly larger than on chick 1 and is more pink. I'm not sure about saddle or hackle feathers.

    Chick 3 is the same colour as chick 1 but has black markings around the neck and black feathers in it's tail. It's similar to chick 1 but the comb is very slightly larger and pinkish. All of it's neck feathers are through and it's fully feathered. Again I can't really tell if it has saddle or hackle feathers growing.

    I know I'm asking quite a lot from you without pictures but any help will be gratefully received:D

    I'm a newbie at this as you can probably tell!

    Also, does anyone have an idea when the 2 mums may start laying again? Bearing in mind they came here with 4 week old chicks. They are still helping the chicks out a bit, calling them when they find interesting tidbits to eat and are still nesting with them at night...

    I'll upload pictures when I figure out how
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    Feb 18, 2011
    At 7 weeks you usually don't see much rooster feathering or color yet, and spurs usually don't develop until a lot later. You generally guess on ... Comb/wattle size (taking comb type into account) and pink/red color, roos will have more earlier. Body shape and stoutness, boys tend to stand tall and upright and be chunky looking with thick legs, pullets tend to be rounder and stand more horizontal and be more delicate looking. In some breeds boys tend to be slower feathering. From what you are describing #2 & 3 would make me wonder if you are seeing pink combs. When broodys start laying again really varies, but most of mine seem to start about a month after they have left the chicks go on their own (6-8 weeks of watching chicks, then another month before laying), but if they go into a full molt they will take longer, especially this time of year.
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    Oct 7, 2013
    Thanks Kelsie2290. I have some pics on snapbucket at the moment but can't figure how to download them onto here. :-(. If/when I do you will probably be able to tell better. I'm going to keep trying! Lol.
    Thanks for your help, and the little welcome smilie at the bottom!

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