pumpkin dip ..yummy stuff


9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
Oakland county ,MI
Thought I would share this simple treat with you.
I can pumpkin
I small can pumpkin pie filling
Dash or two cinnamon
Block of soften cream cheese.

That's it,mix and dip with ginger snaps or cramcracker sticks...
Its a big hit at school partys and family gatherings...or while surfin thru BYC in the middle of the night..
Yes, 1 can pumpkin, you know the plain kind with no pie seasonings in it. Just plain pumpkin. (Its for making pies with if your adding your own spices... )I guess if you feel like cooking some pumpkin down yourself that would work too. I like the can kind cuz its a super quick thing to make the dip. They have it in every store.
Good ol Libby's Pumpkin pie could not fail me yet....sounds delicious!

Funny that the cinnamon and sugar coated graham crackers are not found in stores anymore....Nabisco, are you listening?
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