Punk Rock Chicken: Any Idea Sex of this Silkie?

Aunt Angus

5 Years
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
Here is Dandelion. He is a 12 week old very funny looking, super duper sweet Silkie. I have been calling him a "he" for a while now because, compared to my other Silkie, Dandelion is larger and has more of a comb. However, his comb hasn't developed much at all since week 4. No crowing. His weak sauce hatchery crest gives no clues to speak of.

I'm not sure what to think anymore. Any thoughts as to whether Damdelion is a Mr. or a Ms.? Pics aren't great because he never sits still...



I love the little thing. His goofiness has really grown on me. He may have a rather sad little crest, but he's got TONS of personality!

PS: Hubby calls him Billy Idol. I can see a resemblance...
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