purchase coop, new york city area

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7 Years
May 19, 2012
hi, my daughter has chickens at her dads house, two silkies were rejected by the rest and she wants me to take them. that is fine, but i need a small, sturdy, affordable coop for them (with run). i cant seem to find a place within driving distance (2 hours) to go look at coops and i am afraid to buy unseen on the internet because some of them seem so flimsy. any suggestions? i'd love to pay no more than $400 including shipping but i have a truck and can pick it up. thanks!!
My only suggestion is to check craigslist if you want a prebuilt. Be very, very careful about ordering any coop over the net or off ebay. They are notoriously flimsy, poorly designed, and much smaller than the pictures make them look. Personally I think you're better off using that money to buy your own materials and either build it yourself or find a handyman to build one.

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