Pure BLRW plus cute mixed breed dozen (+ if I have more) eggs sold

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Mar 6, 2008
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Well, I tried to sell these auction style and got no takers so I will just go this route. It is for the BLRW eggs gathered this weekend plus my cute little mutt chick eggs. Right now the dozen has 5 pure BLRW (one of my girls lays later so I still may get one more), 2 EE (bantam roo, standard hen), 2 BLRW roo/unknown breed brown hen, 2 BLRW/BSL hen, and 1 Bantam EE roo/BTWJ hen. I have eggs from all of the above in the incubator doing great and due March 12th. I will take $15 for the dozen plus $9 shipping to be shipped in a flat rate box. PayPal only. If someone pays today I will get them shipped first thing tomorrow. Thanks!!
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How about you make me an offer?
I had a person PM me and ask the same thing but haven't heard back. I would be glad to sell just those....at this point they are about to go in the egg bowl to be eaten anyway.
I could ship just the BRW in a slightly smaller box so it would be about $7 shipping.
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