Pure Breed mini Rex Rabbits with pedigrees

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    Jul 16, 2010
    North West Michagan
    I have to sell most of my rabbits so if you see somthing on my website that you would like Email me and we can make a deal. www.hoppyenoughfarm.webs.com
    Currently for sale:
    1 black SR Doe. VERY nice! has small white spots on her HQ so not show quality. prouven, Throws black. $25
    1 opal SR buck. nice rabbit. prouven. $25
    3 Blue Eyed white SR does. Pets or meat only. BEAUTIFAL color. $15.00 ea.
    1 tort SR doe. pruven. nice looking doe. has a nippy personality (dosnt bite, just nips/scratches) Very good mother. $20.00
    I can make deals on multiple rabbits. I can meet in 1 1/2 -2 hours away if i have at least 4 rabbits going.
    Im willing to trade for muscovy ducks, rouen ducks, a female turkey, standard size partridge rock, buff brahma, or cochin chickens, fence wire, metal fence posts, new zealand (red or white) rabbits, Californian rabbits, may consider other chicken/duck/rabbit breeds also but that is what i want the most. [email protected]

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