Pure Lavender Orpingtons Hatching eggs 1 day only 20+

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Mar 24, 2008
East Feliciana (Jackson)
Pure Lavender Orpington hatching eggs 1 day only. From Hink JC lines. Beautiful. 20 plus as many as I can stuff in the box safely. Excellent hatch rate here and good hatch rates reported from my shipped eggs. Paypal Only!
It's not like I"m sitting on these eggs. They are fresh .. so the longer you Wait to pay me you will get older eggs . In fact I'm not playing around here some people may want them. I rather boil them for egg salad than see them go to waste. Time sensitive...please respond!
I was waiting on a PM ir something confirming who to send payment too, that's what I've gotten in the past.

I can't wait any longer tonight, I have work tomorrow... but as soon as I get your paypal info, you'll be paid.
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As the seller you should have contacted the winning bidder with instructions on how to complete the transaction.
There is no need to be rude about it.
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