Purina Start & Grow VS Purina Flock Raiser...which to use?


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Aug 31, 2008
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So I'm having my first batch of meaties delivered sometime later this week. I have tried looking up the Purina feeds on their website, and lets just say it *stinks* and all the links don't work. Anywho, I'm confused as to which to feed my meatie babies:

Purina Start & Grow--18% protein
Purina Flock Raiser--20% protein

I'm also having layers & ornamentals delivered with the batch, so trying to cut costs or make things easier for me really doesn't matter. I just want to give my meaties the best start
What do you all suggest? TIA
I haven't raised meaties but from what I understand for meat production you need the higher protein for rapid growth. On my layers I use medicated for the first few weeks then switch to regular starter/grower when they get ready to lay I go to the laying mash. Just my experience, I have had good results doing that
Go to a mill and have them grind you some broiler feed (at least 20%) and just feed it to them the entire way through. You'll save a ton of money, you'll get food that you can actually SEE what's in it (corn, soy, etc) instead of wierd gray matter, and they'll be getting enough protein- 18% doesn't quite cut it for broilers in my opinion. Don't think of them like layers- the nutritional requirements are much different.
I always use turkey starter because of the high protein. After the first two weeks I switch them to a standard broiler feed. I never use regular chick starter for them because they grow too slowly.

I have 5.5 to 6 pound birds by 7 weeks generally.

ETA: Just adding that the turkey starter I feed is a 32% protein.
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