Put on peepers and all my hens stopped laying.


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Dec 6, 2012
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My Coop
I have seven Red Star hens, all hatched a 18 months ago. One hen was being bullied so bad that her wings were getting all bloody. I put Pinless Peepers on all the other hens. I also added electrolytes to the water in the coop were the bullied hen drinks. All the hens stopped laying after the changes were made.

I removed the electrolyte water a week after because the bullied hen has healed and started regrowing feathers. I have observed the hens for awhile and they are not displaying any symptoms of anything else (poop looks normal, no sneezed, no head cranking). They are all eating well.

Has anyone else had this happen after applying peepers? Is it somewhat normal? What can I do to get them laying again?

Thanks for any comments or advice, Bruce
If they were eating and drinking fine, I would wonder if it is just a coincidence... This time of year hens that age usually go into molt and stop laying anyhow for a couple of months / the winter depending if you put them under lights..
Thanks. They started molting around June and have since gotten most of their feathering back(some still pin feathers).

I got one egg yesterday and two today. Hopefully they're going to get back in the swing again. I'm also going to put the golfballs back in the nest boxes to see of that encourages them.
I was worried about the water too, thats why I took it out soon as the low bird started to heal.

Anyways, 4 egg form 7 hens yesterday and 4 so far today. Hopefully all 7 will be back to laying soon.
Well, back to 6 eggs from 7 hens. Must have been an adjustment period needed for my hen do to the peeper or the enhanced water or combination of both.


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